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Mi Barrio Halal Latin Grill

Our Location:

7308 E Independence Blvd. Suite E
Charlotte, NC 28227

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Business Hours:

Mon-Sun 11:00am-10:00pm

Mi Barrio Halal Latin Grill is a unique Dominican restaurant in the manner in which we select and prepare the meats for our menu offerings. Providing halal food in Charlotte, NC, is something that is important to us, and we believe the benefits of this practice can give our customers confidence that in our buffet they are dining on safe meat and clean meat in all of our halal entrees.

Under halal (which means allowed, or permitted) conditions, the animals must be raised humanely and live pure, healthy lives. Their environments and feeding are rigidly monitored to ensure they can move freely, have fresh air, proper food, and that they are then butchered humanely, by a certified butcher. The meat also complies with all of the state and federal inspection laws. Among the halal meat dishes we offer are:

• Beef—Beef stew (carne guisada), pepper stew (bistec salteado), and oxtail stew (rabo guisado).

• Chicken (Pollo)—Rotisserie chicken, sautéed chicken breast, fried chicken, jerk chicken (pollo a la brasa), and chicken wings.

• Goat (Chivo)—Goat stew (chivo guisado), curry goat (chivo al curry).

Today, we all live in a time when people are becoming more aware of what they eat and where it comes from. Every day, each of us is learning more about how animals may be commercially raised, and processed, and we are looking to make conscious decisions about being healthy through eating healthful food. Our halal dishes are contributing to that growing knowledge and to that trend, and we are happy to bring them to you.